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Kristen Anderson, Director,, 608-789-7119


Consulting and Continuing Education

Marcia Sarnowski, Library Consultant,, 608-789-7137
Delena Leon, ECHO Project Digital Assistant,


Technology Support

Sony Yang, Information Technology Manager,, 608-789-7065
Randy Dagnon, Business & Technology Associate,, 608-789-7148


Delivery and ILL

Charles Clemence, Resource Consultant,, 608-789-7132
Matt Bisek, Delivery Coordinator,, 608-789-7151
Dan Duellman, Delivery Coordinator,, 608-789-7151
Dave Reinders, Delivery Coordinator,, 608-789-7151
Matt Sanford, Delivery Coordinator,, 608-789-7151


Northern Delivery Route Cell:  608-792-2479

Southern Delivery Route Cell:  608-792-0965