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Hedgehog Party a Prickly Success!

Written By: Cheryl Russell - Apr• 16•15

Thanks to Russell Boardman for sharing his pet hedgehogs with the community recently.  We had 43 visitors that morning to see the prickly patrons!  The door prizes were enjoyed and various crafts and coloring sheets were appreciated by the kids.

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ZenDoodle With Meg in March

Written By: Cheryl Russell - Apr• 16•15

Here are some great pics from our Zen-Doodling Event in march with Meg Buchner! Thanks to her for all her inspiration and for the watercolor-tiles that we experimented with this time! Great results!! 20150312_192748 20150312_192313 20150312_192255 20150312_191204 20150312_191139 20150312_190346 20150312_190245 20150312_190156 20150312_190140 20150312_190120 20150312_185944 20150312_185918 20150312_185752 20150312_182523 20150312_182458 20150312_182449 20150312_182236


Spring Cleaning!

Written By: Cheryl Russell - Apr• 16•15

Thank You to Elly & Leilani for cleaning out our flower boxes and sweeping away all the accumulated leaves behind them!

Spring Cleaning 20150312_182236 20150312_182449 20150312_182458 20150312_182523 20150312_185752 20150312_185918 20150312_185944 20150312_190120 20150312_190140 20150312_190156 20150312_190245 20150312_190346 20150312_191139 20150312_191204 20150312_192255 20150312_192313 20150312_192748 20150404_094207 20150404_094215 20150404_094220 20150404_094241 20150404_094301 20150404_094307 20150404_094315 20150404_094328 20150404_094357

New Movies to Start Your March to Spring!

Written By: Cheryl Russell - Mar• 07•15

intothewoodsoriginalI know it. You know it.  Reading the book is always better than seeing the movie, right? And original movies are generally better than their remakes.  Well, although I haven’t yet seen the recent movie Into the Woods, I am willing to hazard a guess that the original is…well, yeah, probably better.

In this case, it’s not a book I’m talking about, however, but the Original Broadway Production of Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods starring Bernadette Peters, Joanna Gleason (who, btw, won a Tony Award for her performance in this production), Chip Zien and many other fabulous talents!

If you know absolutely nothing about the concept of Into the Woods, let me give you the 30-second rundown.  First there’s Cinderella, Jack (of future beanstalk fame) and a lowly baker and his wife. They all want things from life that they haven’t yet found or received.  They whine and cry about their misfortune, as we are all wont to do at times.

Mix in a witch with a backstory, a pair of philandering princes, a young girl with a healthy appetite and a lustful wolf and you have a brilliant, seamless weaving of fairy tales with a beautiful musical score, memorable lyrics and hilarity you can’t even imagine until you’ve seen it.  And all that whining and crying about their misfortune…ahhh, this is a fairy tale: it’s supposed to all turn out perfect in the end, right? I won’t spoil the end for you, but I will say it’s one you won’t soon forget!

My personal prejudice aside, Glenn Close might carry the new film well. And until I actually see the movie version, I’ll try not to pass final judgment, but after seeing this Broadway production several times in the past 15 years, I wonder if anything can compare.  I have never even gone to see a local production of it, for fear it wouldn’t be as satisfying as the Broadway version.

We will be getting the movie version when it’s released later this spring, but to give everybody else the chance to enjoy the Original version of this play (the way it was written to be seen), we just got in the dvd of the Broadway version with the original cast.

So, I strongly encourage everybody who loves Broadway, musicals or fairy tales to become familiar with this original production, available now for loan!

Also new this week:

  • Once Upon a Mattress – movie remake of the Broadway play. Stars Carol Burnette and Zooey Deschanel
  • The Expendables – (1st in the series) starring Sylvester Stallone (1st movie)
  • Bridesmaids – starring Melissa McCarthy
  • 21 Jump Street – starring Tatum Channing

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the warm weather coming our way will be a real, honest-to-goodness SPRING!

Hope to see you soon at the library!

Creative Doodling With Meg–REscheduled

Written By: Cheryl Russell - Mar• 04•15

The bad news: Meg is under the weather

The Good News: You now have some additional time to work this excellent event into your busy schedule!

We will be having Creative Doodling (ala zentangle) with Meg on Thursday March 12th at 6 p.m.!  Bring your friends and family, guys and gals, kids aged 7-100!

Refreshments and all supplies provided. Just bring your creativity and willingness to try something new!

To sign up, call the library 608-648-3593 or email us at

Family Movie Matinee is NEXT Saturday, February 28th

Written By: Cheryl Russell - Feb• 21•15


Next Saturday at 2 p.m., join us for a showing of “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” on our big screen tv!  Popcorn & water provided, soda or wrapped candy can be brought in, but no food please.  This is a family-friendly event open to everybody in the community!

The movie is based on the children’s classic by Judith Viorst!

Meg-Tangle is Back!

Written By: Cheryl Russell - Feb• 21•15

One of Meg's designs she just "whipped out" tonightJoin us Thursday, March 5th for another class in ‘Meditative Doodling’ (à la Zentangle) with Meg Buchner!

The class will start at 6 and takes at least an hour, maybe more depending on your own personal creation and how much time you want to take on it. Supplies are provided and no experience is necessary.

Space is limited so sign up right away by calling the library at 608-648-3593 or via email to: !

For those who took the class in November, Meg has a special challenge awaiting! She will also teach the basics for first-timers! So even if you’ve done this before, join us again!

Hope to see you soon at the library!

Got the Winter Blues??

Written By: Cheryl Russell - Jan• 24•15

If Ole’ Man Winter is getting you down, take advantage of the programs and features of your local Library!  Here is a quick breakdown of what happens at DPL on a regular basis:

  • Tuesday mornings at 10 a.m.: Story and Craft time for toddlers and preschoolers! Social time, fun and casual. Come when you’re able; no registration required.
  • Every Other Thursday at 7:30 p.m.:  Teen Movie Night for 6th grade through young adult (under 21).  Popcorn & a movie, BYO soda, no food.  Upcoming dates for movie night are January 29th, February 12th & February 26th.  Movies are chosen by boys one time, girls the next and then Librarian’s Choice or majority vote.
  • Family Movie Matinee:  Last Saturday of the month at 2:00 p.m.  Family-Friendly movie and popcorn. Bring your own soda if you’d like.  No food, please.
  • Work With You Hands on Wednesdays: bring along your crochet, knitting, hand-sewing, tatting, cross-stitch or other portable project. 6 p.m.  Cocoa & tea and chit-chat.

There are always good ideas floating around and we’re willing to consider all ideas!  One recent suggestion is an adult “coloring book” night.  There are amazing, detailed “coloring books” printed for adults who like the joy of coloring but need the challenge of something harder.  If you’re interested in this type of an event, let us know!!

And of course, don’t forget that we have books, dvds, audio books, music cds and a wealth of items available through Inter-Library Loan!  Utilizing your local library is very important as a large portion of our funding is directly related to circulation statistics. So, if you have the chance, consider getting your items through us!

NEW this week in DVDs:

  • Season 1 of Modern Family
  • Season 1 of Warehouse 13
  • Season 1 of CSI: New York
  • The Anne of Green Gables Collection (TV miniseries starring Megan Follows),
  • The Addams Family & The Adamms Family Values
  • The Agony and the Ecstasy (Charlton Heston)
  • The Bible…In the Beginning (Peter O’Toole)
  • Demetrius and the Gladiator
  • The Robe (Richard Burton)
  • set of 8 British Cinema Classics.

Hope to see you soon at the Library!

Come See Our Updated Look & HOLLY-DAZE Starts Saturday!

Written By: Cheryl Russell - Dec• 05•14

Reminder: Sign up now for your 3rd Annual Holly-Daze Timeslot!  Choose a date: Saturday the 6th or Saturday the 13th  Choose a Time: 2, 3, 4 or 5 p.m. (takes approximately 1 hour).  All area kids 2-12 are invited to come to the library and do some holiday crafting and make gifts for family and friends. This is a FREE event for all area families!  Kids under 7 should be accompanied by a parent or older sibling who can assist with crafting. Older kids can be dropped off if desired.  Cookies & holiday music, too! Join us!

Thanks to the following people who volunteered their time to come help update the library’s floor plan and look!

  • Lynne David
  • Jerry Manhart
  • Paul Stovenel
  • Russell Boardman
  • Deb & Dennis Hayes
  • Tom Thor & Bonnie
  • Marcia Sarnowski & Kristin Anderson from WRLS
  • Carol Dagnon
  • The Lomprey Family
  • The Russell-Miller Family
  • Peggy Klein from Sparta Public Library

Without the help of each of these people, we wouldn’t have accomplished what we did in 1 short week!  Here are some pictures: reorganize1 Reorganize2 reorganize4 reorganize5 reorganize6 reorganize7 reorganize8 reorganize9 reorganize11 reorganize12

Library Closing for a Week!

Written By: Cheryl Russell - Nov• 20•14

In order to rearrange our floorplan and install some updated shelving, the library will be CLOSED from Sunday, November 23rd through Monday, December 1st.

We will need volunteers to help with various relocating projects, so if you’d like to volunteer for some time, call the library and leave a message (608-648-3593) or email:

I plan to be there on Monday-Wednesday from 9-5, with a break for lunch when it’s convenient in the work flow.  Then nobody will be at the library Thursday and Friday (Thanksgiving), but I will be back at it Saturday-Monday again.

If we get all the shelving rearranges and the books all back in place by Sunday evening, we’ll be putting up the holiday decor on Monday.

Have a nice Thanksgiving holiday and come visit us starting December 2nd to see our new floorplan!