Tuesday, August 16th, all are invited to join in sparring with boffer swords at 3:00 p.m.

Blood Drive Today

Today at Elroy Public Library from 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. there will be an AMERICAN CROSS BLOOD DRIVE in the Lee Room (downstairs). Walk-ins are welcome.

Join the Jedi Movement on July 26th

We are watching Star Wars: Force Awakens at 12:30 p.m. with discussion to follow.  Stay for sparring with boffer swords at 3:00 p.m. to get a little of your Jedi out !

Cancel Pool Party

CHANGE ….. though the pool will be open, due to conflicts with Summer Rec going to Brewer Game and Summer School attending the pool earlier in the day…. Kendall and Elroy Public Libraries have opted to CANCEL our pool party on June 30th. Have fun at all your other activiites !!!!!

Summer Reading Program 2016

snip SRP2016

1955 Bunnies on the Bulletin Board

As the new librarian, I have been sorting through drawers and getting acquainted with the inventory, but nothing prepared me for what was hiding in the Spring Bulletin Board drawer.

First, I must go back in time to a previous Elroy Librarian, Gardis Hoercher who originally was a primary teacher at Elroy Primary in the 1950s. My own father, Don “Duke” Preuss had her as a teacher in 4th grade in 1955. Duke returned to Elroy upon retirement, discovered he had terminal cancer, and I moved to the area to be of assistance to him until he died in 2004. Family often state he would be proud of me and happy that I am now the librarian here.   History lesson complete, message from the past on the way with a side of goosebumps and tears….20160404_105641_resized

I pulled out a manila folder from the Spring Bulletin Board drawer, opened to find hand-colored cut out bunnies that were waxy and vintage looking, and instantly felt compelled to figure out where they came from. I flipped over a sweet bunny in a blue jacket and there was a large cursive print of Don Preuss. My own father. Who has been dead for over ten years but is missed every day. I had to sit down as the tears began to fall.20160404_105706_resized

With the help of a few of his classmates, we discerned that the bunnies were colored in 1955 by the fourth grade class of Ms. Hoercher, who later became the librarian. In the collection of colored bunnies are signed names of classmates Mary Biermeier, Patricia Cox, Phyllis Clark, Kaye Dunlap, Irene Gers, Carol Knutson, Jim Milne, Linda Miller, Larry Nelson, Leonard Pollock, Douglas Spencer, Ronald Vieth, and a few we could not decipher.

We placed the bunnies on a bulletin board for all to enjoy.

Please share this story with relatives of those named so they can share in the treasure found during a day of spring cleaning.

Local author, Doreen Pfost, presents book on Saturday, March 12th at 1:00 p.m.

Doreen Pfost Tebbel 5 (2) Tebbel 8 (2) This RiverLocal Author at Elroy Public Library March 12

Elroy – The Friends of the Elroy Public Library will host a reading, book discussion, and signing by Doreen Pfost, author of This River Beneath the Sky: A Year on the Platte, at the library on Saturday, March 12, at 1:00 p.m.

This River Beneath the Sky blends natural history, human history, and memoir in a series of essays about Nebraska’s Platte River, where a half-million migrating sandhill cranes converge each spring and attract birdwatchers and nature-lovers from around the world. The book has just been published by University of Nebraska Press.

Pfost, an Elroy resident, is a writer and communication consultant. She formerly lived in Kearney, Nebraska and since 2005 she has spent part of each spring on the Platte River, where she led thousands of visitors on tours to watch sandhill cranes and other birds.

Seven Ways the Library Can Help You Through Winter

Bitter cold days make you want to curl up with a good book, snuggle down to watch a movie, or begin planning your spring project with inspirational magazines? Stop into the library!

All are welcomed to join in the celebration on Saturday, January 23rd from 1 – 3:00 at the library for a retirement party for Librarian Mary Waarvik and a warm welcome for new librarian Kari Preuss.

Next Monday, Jan. 25 @5:30, our Mystery Lover’s Book Group will be talking about “January Thaw” by Jess Lourey. Always looking to welcome new people into any of the groups.

Our monthly delivery of new Large Print books will be made to Heritage Manor and Georgetown next week so finish up your book to get ready for more.

Pre-school hour will be open to all at 10 a.m. on Friday, January 29th, with all families welcome.

No matter what your inclination in the winter months, keep an active mind with help from the library!

Lots of Events happening Next Week Jan. 18-23

The third week of January will be a busy one!

Monday, Jan. 18 our young readers may enter the Milwaukee Bucks Reading Challenge. If you read 500 pages in a month, you can get a free pass to a Bucks’ game in March. Come to the library for the reading form, check out some books on basketball or star wars or whatever interests you.

Our Library Board will hold a regular meeting that Monday also, at 6:30.

On Tuesday Jan. 19 @10, the Kindergarten classes will come to check out books. The internet will not be available then from 10-12.

On Thursday Jan. 21, the Afterschool Book Group will gather at 4. They will be talking about “Nebraska Nightcrawlers” a somewhat scary kids horror book by Jonathan Rand. Interested?

And on Saturday, Jan. 23 @1, there will be a retirement party for Librarian Mary Waarvik. and a warm welcome for new librarian Kari Preuss.

The next Monday, Jan. 25 @5:30, our Mystery Lover’s Book Group will be talking about ‘January Thaw” by Jess Lourey. It is part of the ‘Murder-By-Month” series and may require some hot tea sipping. Join the fun!

Welcome, Kari Preuss

We are proud to welcome Kari Preuss as Elroy’s new Library Director. Her first official day of work was on Monday, January 4, 2016.

Kari’s background is in Education and English. She has worked as a social worker and is a business owner. Kari owns the Elroy Theatre, where you most often see her smiling from behind the popcorn machine.

Kari’s local roots also go back 5 generations. So if she can’t answer your local history questions, she will know someone who can.

Please stop by the Elroy Public Library and greet Kari Preuss in her new role.