Feb 212018

Come to our 5th annual Makers Fair!
At the library, we like to celebrate people who make things.
Come and watch four artisans at work, chat with them,
ask questions, and even try some stitches!
It’s all free, and it’s this Saturday, Feb. 24th, from 10am to 1pm.
Sue Byom will demonstrate how to create stained glass pieces,
Marilyn Klinkner will demonstrate the art of fabric collage,
Marc TeRonde will show his wood carving talents,
and Sarah Ruiter will teach us some embroidery techniques.
See you Saturday!

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Feb 202018

KELLY MOHR of Galesville is the fourth winner
of our “Hot Reads for Cold Nights” mug.
Would you like to enter?
Use your library card to check out reading materials/audiobooks
(not movies, sorry) and you can enter that week’s drawing.
You must be 16 or older to enter, and can enter once per day.
You get two entries if you check out between 10 and 1:00 on Wednesdays!
We added those three hours to the schedule just this year.
Drawings are held at 7 PM on Wednesdays through March 28.
Thank you for using the Galesville Public Library, Kelly!

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Feb 162018

We had a fun time at our Chinese New Year party on Friday.
We learned about how to celebrate it,
and then did some celebrating!

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Feb 152018

See you on Friday morning for our Chinese New Year party!
For 4K to 5th grade, at 10:15am.
We have cool stuff planned, including refreshments!

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Feb 142018

The library has four new computers
for our public internet stations!
You should experience faster internet use,
and no more glitches and freeze-ups.
We are so grateful to the Friends
of the Galesville Public Library for
purchasing two of the computers,
and the Moen family for funding
the other two in memory of their parents,
Lois Moen and Dr. Clarence Moen.
Above, you can see Lois crocheting.
Below is a soft sculpture we have of Dr. Moen,
on the wall in the children’s area.
We’re sorry to see that his shoe is untied,
but we can’t open the case to tie it for him!

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