Aug 182017

On Monday, August 21, between 11:45 and 2:30,
come to the library and borrow our solar eclipse glasses!
Take a look and pass them on to others (glasses must remain at the library).
Wina will have her eclipse playlist of songs on, for extra enjoyment.

On Tuesday, August 22nd, at 6:30pm,
kids who have logged at least one hour of reading
can join in the SLP Finale Party!
Bring your reading log(s) with you
to be a part of the Minecraft fun and snacks.

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Aug 162017

We had a great time at 4K Storytime Tuesday night.
We had a visit from Kahya, of Habitat for Humanity!
We read books about community helpers,
guessed the names of tools,
played matching games,
and sang Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood?
It was really fun.

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Aug 092017

We had a great time at 4K Storytime Tuesday night!
We did lots of building activities with many kinds of building toys.
We read Blocks by Irene Dickson,
Up! Up! Up! Skyscraper by Anastasia Suen,
and Rain School by James Mumford.
We hope the kids started to feel comfortable with each other.

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Aug 032017

Do you know someone who is starting 4K this fall?
If they will be attending Galesville or Ettrick Elementary,
they’re invited to a special Storytime at our library!
The next two Tuesdays at 6:30pm
will be a chance to get to know each other a little bit,
read books with Wina, and have some fun.
August 8 is “Build It!” and
August 15 is “Community Helpers!”
Pass the word, and we’ll see you at the library.

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Aug 022017


Click above to hear and see an 18-month-old reader treating us to a rendition of DINOSAUR ROAR! by Paul and Henrietta Stickland. This book is from her own collection, but we have also seen a video of her reading a book her grandma picked up for her free at the Galesville Public Library table at the Farmers Market in Galesville. The book is called The Biggest Apple Ever by Steven Kroll. Maybe our little reader is preparing for Apple Affair, and the huge apple pie she’ll find there the first Saturday in October. We were sorry to miss the Farmers Market last weekend, but unless it’s raining, you’ll find us there again this Saturday, August 5, giving away free books for all ages. (Only one per customer, please.) We share space with the Chamber of Commerce. Rain isn’t in the forecast, so we hope to see you at the Farmers Market! Feed your mind, as well as your body.