Feb 052016


WIN a “Read” memo cube, plus a box of chocolate. 

Come see our display of red-covered books. Find another red-covered circulating item (music CD, book, audiobook, graphic novel, movie–even magazines are possibilities).
Bring your red-covered item up to the desk so we can add it to our display, and then enter the drawing. Contest open to people 16 and up. One entry per person per day, through February 29.  Yes! 2016 is a leap year, giving you an extra day in February to enter our contest and help us with our display.

We appreciate you!

Feb 032016

SuperheroesThe Clements family has assembled a fascinating
Superheroes display for the month of February.
Toys and vintage comics, interesting commentary, and more.
Come and check it out!

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Jan 252016

hibiscusCome and see our “Thank You” package from Hawaii!
On 11/22/15, we got this comment on our website:
How much does it cost to buy the T-shirt “Every Hero Has a Story”? I have a son with Asberger Syndrome, and he volunteers and helps instructors at the Friends of the library, learning disabled adults, and inputs medical records at the military veterans hospital. I would like to purchase this T-shirt for him. Best regards, Gaylord Harada
Meredith asked librarians across Wisconsin to find anyone
who still had a large T-shirt left over from summer.
We were able to find two, and mailed them off to the Haradas, in Hawaii!
Today we received a package, card, and photo from Scott Harada.
We thought you might like to see what he sent,
and find out what’s “all in a day’s work” for the Galesville Public Library.
Items are on display, come and take a look.

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Jan 182016

Friends of the libraryOur annual meeting for the Friends of the Galesville Public Library is Tuesday, January 19th, at 7pm.
Please join us if you are interested in helping out your library!

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