Library Board

The Mondovi Public Library Board sets the direction and focus for the library. Library policy is the result of the decisions of the Mondovi Public Library Board and the state/federal laws regulating libraries.  The board consults with library staff and interested community members about the policy and direction of the library.  The library board is responsible for the allocation of library budgeted funds.

The Mondovi Public Library Board  consists of seven members appointed to the board by the Mayor of Mondovi with the approval of the Mondovi City Council. By state statute, the superintendent of schools, or their designer, is one of the board members.  The board meets the first Tuesday of the month from February through December.  The Public is welcome and encouraged to attend Library Board meetings.

The current library board consists of: President, Mindy Hayes; Vice President, Bob Stoughton; Financial Secretary, Cheryl Gullicksrud; Recording Secretary, Kari Lewis; Members:  Dawn Bloom; Galen Hagen; Sonja Kamla.