Donate to the Library!

Why Does the Library Need Donations? 

1.  The Library desperately needs more space.  We are running out of room for our children’s programs.  We must get rid of books that don’t get checked out a lot much sooner than we would like in order to make room for new materials.

2.  The Library is not accessible to all of Mondovi’s residents.  Yes, we do have a ramp and an old elevator, and the truly dedicated patron can certainly make use of them if they REALLY want to get into the library.  But how many of our elderly citizens don’t come to the Library because it is such a hassle?  Doesn’t everyone deserve easy access to all that the Library has to offer?

3.  Our technology is getting old.  Many of our computers are nearly 10 years old.  In computer years, they are dinosaurs.

Don’t You Get Enough Money From the State and Federal Government?

1.  We receive no money from the Federal Government.  Library funding in Wisconsin is generally left to the municipality in which the the library resides, with some support coming from the County.

2.  We receive little to no money from the State of Wisconsin for operational expenses or materials.

3.  The annual budget does not allow us to plan for unexpected expenses, such as new computers, new copiers and printers, furniture, or software upgrades without severely cutting into our budget for books, movies, and other materials.

4.  The money that is taken in from fines, fees, printing, and faxing is, more often than not, less than $50 per month.

 What Can I Do to Help?

1.  Set up a monthly donation to the Mondovi Public Library General Fund.  Most of the Library Board members donate $20 per month.  Imagine what we could do if everyone donated just $5 a month!

2.  Donate a set amount to the Mondovi Public Library annually.  Donations to the Library are tax deductible.  What would $50 per year per household look like?

3.  Talk with your family and financial advisor about leaving a gift to the library when you pass on.  You can add the Mondovi Public Library as a beneficiary on any life insurance policy or other benefit payable upon death.  Speak with an estate planner about remembering the Mondovi Public Library in your Last Will and Testament.

4.  SPREAD THE WORD!  One of the biggest obstacles to funding is a lack of understanding of what the Library provides.  We offer so much more than books.  Too many people are surprised when they find out that we are here, and even more surprised when they find out that, in addition to books, we have movies, audio books, early literacy programs, public computers, and SO MUCH MORE!


Donate to the Library! — 3 Comments

  1. after reading your comments am i right in reaching a conclusion that you do not accept donations of books. i am new to the area coming from nebraska. i have many books. subject matter varies from hunting, fishing home repairs, crafts, woodworking history, etc. what about eau claire library. do they take donations. before we left nebraska i donated half a pickup load to the local library . thanks for your time.

  2. 146 W. Hudson St.
    Mondovi, WI 54755

    Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I’ve been trying to keep up with the website, but it is difficult with such a small staff! Thanks!

  3. I would like to send some history books on Mondovi but I need you mailing address. Thanks.

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