New System: Operational…but we are all still learning it….

encore graphincThe new catalog system is up and running!  Visit to try it out!  You can also log-in from our new and improved Mondovi Public Library website at  I have made lots of changes to the website in the hope that it will be more interactive and provide more up to the minute information.  I will be blogging regularly on the site, and I have added some great links to help you find more books for yourselves or your kiddos.  I’ve even added some fun “project” sites that are great for parents or child-care providers who are looking for activities to stimulate young minds!  

Welcome to the New Catalog…again.

getting betterAlright folks, we are finally back up and running on the new catalog program.  You may place holds from home or give us a call and we can do it for you.  The system is still very new to us too, so please bear with us if we get confused or are not moving as fast as normal.  There are bound to be more bugs to work out, but so far, so good!  Again, if anyone is interested in attending a training session on a Saturday afternoon, please give us a call or e-mail and we will try to set something up for those interested.  Let us know if you have questions!