Computers, Printers, Copiers, Fax

Computers, software, and internet access are available to patrons. A full venue of Microsoft products is available for patron use. Wireless internet access is available through the library.

Two desktop computers, two laptop computers, and two Chromebooks are available for patrons to use.  There is a 30 minute time-limit on the desktop computer if there are other patrons waiting to use them.  If there are no patrons waiting, you may continue your computer session indefinitely.   There is a two-hour time limit on the laptop computers and the Chromebooks, assuming that they are being used for homework, job searches, and/or other legitimate business.  If the laptops and/or Chromebooks are being used for games, the 30 minute time-limit applies.  The laptops and Chromebooks may not be removed from the library. The library does have wireless access and a full suite of Microsoft products. Patrons are welcome to bring in their own wireless devices to connect to the library’s wireless internet connection. All patrons must sign in at the circulation desk to use the computers, even if the computers are not occupied at the time.  

Computer time can be scheduled during library hours.  If you know you will need a computer, you are welcome to reserve one several hours or days in advance.  Please call or email the library and we can reserve a time slot for you.

NO use of gambling websites, pornographic websites, or other questionable websites in the library is prohibited. Computers are not to be used for any illegal activities, including illegal downloads, file sharing, and false representation of your identity (catfishing.) 

Children under the age of 18 must have written permission from a parent/guardian to use the internet. Children of any age may use the internet with parent/guardian permission, so long as they understand the rules and expectations, and are able to log on and perform tasks as long as they do not require constant assistance by library staff.  

Printer/Copier/Scanner/Fax: In order to recoup the costs of paper and ink used for printing, the Mondovi Public Library suggests a voluntary donation of $0.25 per copy or print job.  Our average cost per page for copies/prints is about $0.23 per page. However, this donation is completely VOLUNTARY on your part.  You will not be turned away from printing or copying if you do not donate.  The suggested donation is the same for any type of copy/print (Black/White, Color, Double-sided, etc.)  

Facsimiles (fax) and Scan/Email Service:  The Mondovi Public Library now has the ability to fax documents for patrons.  There is a suggested donation of $1.00 for the first page faxed, and an additional $0.25 cents for each additional page.  We also have the ability to scan your documents into the computer and can e-mail them to your e-mail address or save them to a flash drive if you provide one to us. As with printing/copying, this is a VOLUNTARY donation in order to offset the cost of paper and the phone bill.  

Suggested donations for services are as follows:

Copies/Prints – $0.25 per page

Fax – $1.00 for first page, $0.25 for each additional page

Scan & e-mail – no charge