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Newsletter 2017-11-24

New Cookbook:

  • Historic National Road Yard Sale Cookbook, Vol. VI: Potluck Rapture: “The Path Less Eaten”, compiled and edited by Patricia McDaniel of Dublin, Indiana, Chair of the Historic National Road Yard Sale.

New DVDs:

  • I Capture the Castle, starring Marc Blucas, Rose Byrne, Sinead Cusack, Tara FitzGerald, Romola Garai, Bill Nighy, Henry Thomas, David Bamber, Henry Cavill, James Faulkner, Sarah Woodward.
  • The Vietnam War, a film by Ken Burns & Lynn Novick
    • Volume One (Episodes 1-5, 8.5 hrs.) Déjà Vu (1858-1961); Riding the Tiger (1961-1963); The river Styx (January 1964-December 1965); Resolve (January 1966-June1967); This is what we do (July 1967-December 1967)
    • Volume Two (Episodes 6-10, 9.5 hrs.) Things fall apart (January 1968-July 1968); The Veneer of Civilization (June 1968-May 1969); The history of the world (April 1969-May 1970); A disrespectful loyalty (May 1970-March 1973); The weight of memory (March 1973-Onward).
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