Summer Reading Program Kick-Off

Our Summer Reading Program kicks off next week with a presentation from

Incredible Bats!

Thursday, June 26th at 11:00 at the Taylor Community Center Gym


Daniel and Sharon Peterson of Incredible Bats! have been educating people about bats for over 10 years.  They love bats and love to share their knowledge with others. This presentation will be entertaining and educational, and best of all,


Everyone is welcome to attend!! 

Sign-up for the kids’ summer reading will take place after the presentation.

Our Community Wide reading program, Good Reads for a Good Cause, will also begin on the 26th.  No sign-up necessary!  Just pick up a reading log at area businesses and record what you read between June 26th and July 31st.  We have set a goal for our community to read 200 books during that time.  If we meet our goal, area businesses have pledged to help the library purchase new books.  So get ready to read!