There’s a lot more to Taylor Library than you find within its four walls.

The WRLSWEB catalog lets you find an item and request that it be sent to Taylor.  Most items come within a couple days. (Clicking on this link will open a new window.)

If the item you want doesn’t appear in the WRLSWEB catalog, it may be available from WISCAT, the library catalog for all of Wisconsin. Enter a search term (author, title, subject, keyword) then click GO. Please be patient – it’s searching millions of items.

BadgerLink allows Wisconsin residents access to newspapers, journals, and even genealogy resources. Some of its many resources are listed below.

Novelist helps you find a good book to read. Another way to find books similar to one you like is Literature Map.  Enter the name of an author you enjoy, and names of other authors will come up. The closer they are to your author, the more people have indicated that they are similar.  Gnoosic does the same thing for music.

If you read a lot of fiction, you may want to subscribe to, which will email you with suggestions for new things to read.

The school edition of Encyclopedia Britannica can help with homework.

OverDrive lets you download audiobooks and videos to play on your computer or audio device.

Articles about business may be found through Business Source Premier.

Confused by Wisconsin’s many elections?  By redistricting? By voter registration?  Want to hear from the candidates themselves, rather than their opponents’ ads. may help sort through the mess.

Health information may be found at Consumer Health Complete.

Heritage Quest Online is a source for local and family history and genealogy. is another genealogy resource, available only on the library computers.

Auto Repair Reference Center provides resources on all things automotive, from Audi to Volkswagen.   If that doesn’t work, and if you don’t mind a ton of ads, you might try AutoZone, which provides advice, and also lets you make an appointment with a repair shop online.

Articles from nearly 5000 of the world’s newspapers may be found at Newspaper Archive.

An excellent virtual library, maintained by real librarians,  is the Internet Public Library. You can find reliable information here on almost any subject. Come in and explore.