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WRLSWEB is our shared library catalog listing materials located at many libraries throughout the seven county Winding Rivers Library System.

Use any computer catalog at a WRLSWEB member library and …

  • You’ll have access to materials from more than 30 area public libraries.
  • You may request any of the circulating items listed on this shared catalog regardless of the location.
  • Generally, you’ll receive the requested items within a week if they are listed as “checked in.”
  • You may return these library materials to any of the libraries in the Winding Rivers Library System.
  • Questions regarding this service? Please contact your local library. We’ll be happy to assist you further.

History of WRLSWEB

Since the mid-1980s, WRLS has shared first a circulation control package and later an online public access catalog with the La Crosse Public Library.  In 1999, WRLS pursued and was awarded a grant to demonstrate the feasibility of a shared technology network for the region, using the La Crosse Public Library infrastructure as the foundation for the network.  The first libraries to join La Crosse were the Black River Falls Public Library and the Taylor Public Library.  Since then, twenty-eight of our thirty-four public library members have joined in the shared technology project which has come to be called WRLSWEB.

WRLSWEB is organized as a consortium in which all members have a vote and some degree of ownership. In this way, WRLSWEB is a separate entity, designed to be self-sufficient. Winding Rivers Library System (WRLS), as one of the founding members of the consortium, handles the administration of the consortium, that is, we maintain records, manage the finances, and send out invoices, meeting minutes, and other notices. La Crosse Public Library (LPL), the other founding member, owns the current central site hardware and software platform and manages the technical aspects of the network.

Generally, WRLSWEB helps library users by allowing them to see more of the materials of many types (books, videos, audiobooks, etc.) that are owned by libraries throughout the region. In addition to being able to identify an item and discover who owns it, the user can also immediately place a hold on the item and it will be sent via the WRLS delivery system to the library selected by the user.  This service can be accessed from the user’s home as well as from the library; it simplifies and speeds up the interlibrary loan process.

A library user in this region is fully registered at each participating library once they register for a WRLS borrower’s card. This means that a person may go from one WRLSWEB library to another and take advantage of all services without having to fill out any additional forms.  As a part of the Wisconsin library network, the library user can check other regional networks if the needed item is not owned in west central Wisconsin. WRLSWEB is one component in DPI’s vision for seamless and universal access to information for all Wisconsin citizens.

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