Senior Connections Resources

 To help you better interact in safe ways with older adults outside of your immediate household, local libraries are creating senior activity kits, planning and facilitating virtual programming targeted at older community members, and providing giveaways for seniors and caregivers this winter and beyond. Let us spread kindness and compassion– thank you for your interest and participation!

Participating libraries: Independence Public Library, Knutson Memorial Library in Coon Valley, Hillsboro Public Library, Ontario Public Library, Lawton Memorial Library in La Farge, Tomah Public Library, McIntosh Memorial Library in Viroqua, Sparta Free Library, Cashton Memorial Library, Arcadia Public Library, Hauge Memorial Library in Osseo, Whitehall Public Library, La Crosse Public Library, Bekkum Memorial Library in Westby, Black River Falls Public Library, Strum Public Library, and Shirley M. Wright Memorial Library in Trempealeau.

Detailed Senior Connections programming, services, and contact information below:


Arcadia Public Library
730 Raider Drive, Ste 2140
Arcadia, WI 54612
Phone: 608-323-7505
Fax: 608-323-7505 (call ahead to fax)

Arcadia Public Library is offering a variety of kits and materials for check out and for patrons to keep, including:

Puzzle books

Art project kits


Family history recording kits

Fun activities and brain boosters

Kits with games, conversation starters, and art activities for library users or caregivers to check out from the APL.

Call 608-323-7505 if you have any questions or would like to reserve a kit.



Black River Falls Public Library
222 Fillmore Street
Black River Falls, WI 54615
Phone: 715-284-4112 (press 0)
Fax: 715-284-5369

Through Your Library to Go, Black River Falls Public Library offers free personalized selection and collection of books or audio books to anyone who qualifies for a library card and has difficulty reaching the library, particularly those who are home-bound, elderly, disabled, or health-impaired. Patrons can request specific titles and authors or indicate reading interests. Jackson County Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers will pick up and deliver requested items. For those in care facilities, we can work with a representative from the facility to arrange for pick-up. To begin Your Library to Go, simply call the library’s circulation desk at 715-284-4112. You will need a library card to participate.

Black River Falls Public Library offers a variety of Senior Connection Kits, which are available to check out with your Winding Rivers Library System card. Kits that are, or will soon be, available to check out include:

· Family History Recording Kits (Easy to Use Digital Recorder, Caring Cards, Expression Cards, MicroSD Cards (for users to keep), Carrying Case for Recorder)
· Animal Bingo Kits (8 Player Audio Bingo Board Game for Seniors with Dementia / Alzheimer’s)
· Keeping Busy Kits (Age-appropriate Puzzles, Games and Activities for Seniors with Dementia / Alzheimer’s)
· Puzzle Kits for Seniors with Dementia / Alzheimer’s

Kits that will soon be available (in a limited supply) for patrons to keep include:

· Oil Pastel Kits
· Watercolor Kits
· Aqua Paint Kits
· Puzzle Kits

For more information about Senior Connections programming, please contact the Library and ask to speak with Vicki or Cara, 715-284-4112.



Cashton Memorial Library
720 Broadway Street
Cashton, WI 54619
Phone: 608-654-5465


Contact the library for details: 608-654-5465


Knutson Memorial Library
500 Central Avenue
PO Box 99
Coon Valley, WI 54623
Phone: 608-452-3757


Coon Valley has a variety of games, puzzles, and fun activities for checkout or as giveaways, including: 

  • Puzzle books 
  • Games 
  • Fun Activities & brain boosters 
  • Art projects 
  • Reminiscing Aids 
  • Programmable Radio 

 These kits are intended to spark joy, stimulate conversations, and provide respite for caregivers. 

For a complete list of items available, please visit our website or the library. 

Call 608-452-3757 or email us if you have questions! 


Hillsboro Public Library
819 High Avenue
PO Box 468
Hillsboro, WI 54634
Phone: 608-489-2192


Hillsboro Public Library has a variety of items to loan and to give away: 

  • Activity Books 
  • Art Supplies 
  • Notecards and Stamps 
  • Dementia and Arthritis-Friendly Puzzles 
  • Large Print books and Audiobook CDs 
  • Easy-to-learn Games for people of all ability levels 

Call 608-489-2192 or email us with questions about any of our resources or to reserve a kit for yourself or a local senior. 


Independence Public Library
23688 Adams Street
PO Box 99
Independence, WI 54747
Phone: 715-985-3616



Independence Public Library has a variety of items to loan and to give away:

  • Activity Books
  • Robotic Companion Animals
  • Art Supplies
  • Notecards and Stamps
  • Voice Recorders and Family History Kit
  • Classic Cars Reminiscing Kit
  • Dementia and Arthritis-Friendly Puzzles
  • Large Print books and Audiobook CDs
  • Easy-to-learn Games for people of all ability levels

Call 715-985-3616 or email us with questions about any of our resources or to reserve a kit for yourself or a local senior.



La Crosse Public Library: Main Library Branch
800 Main Street
La Crosse, WI 54601
Director: 608-789-7123
Circulation Desk: 608-789-7167
Reference Desk: 608-789-7122
Archives: 608-789-7136
Youth Services: 608-789-7128
Fax: 608-789-7106


Homebound Delivery 
Those who are unable to come to the library because of physical limitations can still enjoy library services.  Volunteers will select library materials based on your reading interests and deliver them to your home at a prearranged time. When you are finished with the materials, the volunteer will pick up and return your materials. If this service may benefit you or someone you know, call Heather Miller at the La Crosse Public Library, 608-789-7125. 

Adult Programming (All are welcome- no library card required!) 
We know how much our community values lifelong learning, book clubs, technology classes and special library events.  While we may not be able to gather together in person at this time, we’ve come up with some creative ways for you to stay virtually connected and engaged with the La Crosse Public Library! 


Lawton Memorial Library
118 North Bird Street
PO Box 38
La Farge, WI 54639
Phone: 608-625-2015
Fax: 608-625-2329



The Lawton Memorial Library is offering a variety of Senior Connection kits for patrons to keep, including:

·         Puzzle kits

·         Art project kits

·         Game kits

·         Music kits

·         Journal kits

We also have materials for check out that may be helpful for seniors or caregivers struggling with mental health or memory issues.

Please call the Lawton Memorial Library at 608-625-2015 to request a kit or to learn more about materials that can be checked out.



Ontario Public Library
313 Main Street
PO Box 69
Ontario, WI 54651-0069
Phone: 608-337-4651
Fax: 608-337-4814



Ontario Public Library is offering giveaways (to keep) as well as kits available for check-out (for free with a library card). 

Freebies to hand out in library:

4 – Easy Puzzle Books

4 – Aqua Paint Kits

3 – Pen Pal/Letter Writing Kits

2 – Caring Card sets

Kits to circulate:

1- Robotic Cat Kit

1- Robotic Dog Kit

2 – Music Kits

2 – Family History Recording Kits

1 – Keeping Busy Kit

Call 608-337-4651 if you have any questions or would like to reserve a kit. Individuals need a library card to check out the kits. Kits can be checked out for 3 weeks with no renewals.



Hauge Memorial Library
50655 Charles Street
PO Box 659
Osseo, WI 54758
Phone: 715-597-3444


Hauge Memorial Library (Osseo) has a variety of resources designed for
people with dementia, memory loss and those who love and care for them.

We also have fun activities to spark senior connections and bonding
between grandparents & grandchildren (or to bridge friendships between
the young and old).

We are offering multiple kits and materials for our multi-generational
patrons, families and caregivers to check out.
We encourage you to engage and enjoy!

Items for checkout include:
*Easy Large Print Activity Books.
*Notecards and Stamps.
*Voice Recorders and Family History Kit.
*Joy for All Companion Pets – 1 cat, 1 dog (for seniors).
*Large Print books and Audiobook CDs.
*Easy-to-learn Games for people of all ability levels (Bananagrams,
Category Snap, Expressions Card Game, Spiral Maze).


Sparta Free Library
124 West Main Street
Sparta, WI 54656-0347
Phone: 608-269-2010 (press 1 for upper level circulation desk)



Sparta Free Library has a variety of resources designed for people with dementia, memory loss, or cognitive impairments and those who love and care for them. We are offering multiple kits and materials for our affected patrons, their caregivers, and family members to check out—with several craft and activity kits that patrons may keep. The following will be available soon at Sparta’s library.

Items for checkout may be kept for three weeks:

  • Music Making and Remembering Kit (with instruments and music CD’s)
  • Robotic Pet Kit
  • Family History Recording Kits (with audio recording device and storage disk)
  • Bag of Games Kits
  • Gentle Brain Exercise Kit

Kits and items to keep (based on item availability):

  • Caring Cards (conversation starters)
  • Small puzzles
  • Various take-and make craft kits

For more information on these resources or to make an appointment to check any of these out, please give us a call! Sparta Free Library Adult Services (608)269-2010, ext. 6.


Strum Public Library
114 5th Avenue S.
PO Box 10
Strum, WI 54770
Phone: 715-695-3848
Fax: 715-695-5225


2 memory travel kits that include games, puzzles, watercolors, music cds, and more.

Available for check-out: 5 DVDs to help caregivers living with persons with Alzheimer’s and dementia and The Brain Boosting Diet: Feed Your Memory.


Tomah Public Library
716 Superior Avenue
Tomah, WI 54660
Phone: 608-374-7470

At Tomah Public Library, we are working to create kits and giveaways to suite the needs of our community members.

Currently available for check-out with your library card:
  • 4 voice recording kits
  • 2 robotic pets (cat and dog)
  • 3 audio bingo games and other games
  • 4 water art tablets (Buddha Boards
  • 4 wooden mazes
  • various music and musical instruments
  • More coming soon!

Call 608-374-7470 for details.



Shirley M. Wright Memorial Library
11455 Fremont Street
Trempealeau, WI 54661
Phone: 608-534-6197



4 Memory Kits (2 include robotic companion pets) for checkout at the Library. These kits can be checked out by visiting the Trempealeau Library. They are checked out for 3-weeks, no renewals. Patrons need to have a library card (that is in good standing) and an ID. Designed for people with dementia, memory loss, or cognitive impairment and those who love them. These kits are intended to spark joy, stimulate conversations, and provide respite for caregivers. 

Shirley M. Wright Memorial Library also has a collection of materials regarding dementia, caregiving, Alzheimer’s, or other cognitive impairment.



McIntosh Memorial Library
205 South Rock Avenue
Viroqua, WI 54665
Phone: 608-637-7151 (press 6)


Adult Programming

McIntosh Memorial Library offers an adult program on the first and third Friday of the month at 10:30am titled “Conversations.”  It’s an opportunity for adults to gather, learn, reminisce, and meet people (virtually, for the time-being). For more information about virtual humanities programming with McIntosh Memorial Library, which are offered live on Zoom and rebroadcast on local community television, visit or call 608-637-7151.




Bekkum Memorial Library
206 North Main Street
Westby, WI 54667
Phone: 608-634-4419

Contact the library for details: 608-634-4419



Whitehall Public Library
36351 Main Street
Whitehall, WI 54773
Phone: 715-538-4107
Fax: 715-538-2301

Contact the library for details: 715-538-4107

How can you safely reach out to the older adults in your life? Our librarians have some ideas for you! Here are some examples and ways your local library can help:  

  • Send a postcard or letter— pick up a pen pal kit from Independence or Hillsboro Public Library to get started.  
  • Schedule a phone or video chat with a friend, neighbor, or loved one. For inspiration, borrow a set of Caring Cards from Sparta Free Library or Lawton Memorial Library in LaFarge with conversation starters for all ages and interests.  
  • Remind your loved one that you’re thinking about them. Arcadia, Cashton, and Whitehall public libraries have activity books, arts and crafts kits, and other giveaways perfect to include in a contactfree care package. Or pick up a Boredom Buster Kit containing single-player games and solo activities from Coon Valley Public Library to deliver to senior in your life! 
  • Record a phone or Zoom conversation about your family’s history. Tomah and Ontario public libraries have digital voice recorders available to borrow with your library card.  
  • Help your loved one attend a digital event. Check out the La Crosse Public Library’s Monday Mornings at Main virtual lecture series or Viroqua’s McIntosh Memorial Library’s Conversations program.  
  • Hold a one-to-one book club over the phone or via Zoom with an older friend, neighbor, or relative. Your librarian is happy to give a recommendation or help you reserve multiple copies of books or audiobooks 
  • Borrow a robotic companion dog or cat from the Trempealeau Library to provide comfort and companionship

Do you have a great idea to add? Send an email to

Please remind patrons used to taking advantage of in-person library services that library staff is available for online or phone support, readers’ advisory, and other virtual or contactless services. Although some library services and hours may be temporarily limited, library staff at all 40 libraries in the Winding Rivers Library System are working to meet the needs of community members in all sorts of creative ways. To find and contact your local library, please visit 

Falls Prevention Information from La Crosse County Falls Prevention Coalition (PDF)

Thank you to Bader Philanthropies, Inc., for their sponsorship of Senior Connections programming this winter. Bader Philanthropies, located in Milwaukee, serves communities across the state, supporting initiatives that help older adults stay safe, healthy, and independent, and creating opportunities for older adults to learn and use technology in order to stay connected with family and friends.