birdwatchingbackpackWhile books and media are invaluable assets at the Shirley M. Wright Memorial Library,diversifying the items we circulate meets the changing interests and needs of our patrons. Thanks to the Town of Trempealeau CapX2020 Grant, the More Than Books: New Experiences on Loan program provides patrons a variety of educational, recreational, and technological experiences that they can use outside the walls of our building.

  • Bird watching kits to encourage children and adults to enjoy our beautiful surroundings and wildlife.
  • Junior and adult metal detectors provide fun outdoor activities for the whole family.metaldetectors
  • The DVD series, The Great Courses inspire lifelong learning, in addition to exposing patrons to lands and cultures they may never be able to experience in person, from professors at some of our nation’s most prestigious universities.
  • A portable piano keyboard and piano books will be available to inspire and instill the love of music into the lives of our patrons.
  • iPads preloaded with a variety of cultural, environmental, and recreational books, apps, and other digital materials will put technology into the hands of all.


To take advantage of this great program and check out some new experiences for yourself, please look over the More Than Books Lending Agreement and Guidelines you will be asked to complete at the library prior to checkout.

More Than Books Replacment Document