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Trustee Training Week

Wisconsin Trustee Training Week (TTW) was developed in 2014 by staff at the Nicolet Federated Library System with the goal of providing high-quality webinars to public library boards, friends, and trustees in Wisconsin. Since 2015, TTW has been coordinated by the South Central Library System.

Trustee Training Week Webinar Archive

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The role of a public library trustee can be exciting, challenging, and rewarding, but it also requires effort. Trustees have obtained this position because the elected officials of their municipality believe they have the ability and dedication to contribute positively to the management of the public library—one of the most accessible and beneficial institutions in a community. The municipal governing body has established the public library using laws from Chapter 43 of the Wisconsin Statutes, and this same chapter specifies the appointment procedure and the legal authority of the public library board. The job as a trustee, then, has significant statutory authority vested in it, making it a powerful and important position. The tasks involved in being a library trustee are varied; they are explained in more detail in the Trustee Essentials found below. For a public library board to function, it must include active, enthusiastic trustees who are prepared to do their part to make the board effective.

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