The Winding Rivers Library System Board of Trustees is a  twenty-member group with statutory authority to oversee all operations and activities of the system. Trustee terms are for three years, with appointments made by the various county board chairs with approval of the full county boards. Representation for the seven counties in the region is roughly proportional to population, with no county having fewer than two representatives on the system board. Appointees can be local library board trustees, citizens-at-large, or county board supervisors; library staff are not allowed to be on system boards, and no county can have more than one county supervisor on the system board.

If you or someone you know would like to serve on the WRLS board, convey this interest to your county clerk or board chairperson.

Click here to view and download the board’s bylaws.

Meeting Time/Date/Location

The WRLS Board of Trustees meets at 6:30 pm (unless otherwise noted) on the last Wednesday of odd-numbered months, except for in November (if that ends up being the night before Thanksgiving, then the meeting is the following Wednesday). Meetings take place at the WRLS office in West Salem (with an online hybrid component), but the two summer/fall meetings are usually scheduled in member libraries. For more information, please email


2022 Meeting Dates: January 26 | March 30 | May 25 | July 27 | September 28 | November 30


2022 WRLS Board of Trustees 


Name Member Type County Affiliation
John Hadley Co. Board Buffalo
vacant Citizen Buffalo
Joan Zenz Citizen Jackson
Max Hart Co. Board Jackson
Donna Thomas Citizen Juneau
Steve Thomas Co. Board Juneau
Kathy Ivey LPL Board La Crosse
Loren Caulum Citizen La Crosse
Larry Pohja LAX Co. Lib. La Crosse
Andrea Fritts Citizen La Crosse
Sue Adams Citizen La Crosse
Clara Pasell Citizen La Crosse
Margaret Larson
Co. Board La Crosse
Clara Johnson Citizen Monroe
Mary VonRuden Co. Board Monroe
Marsha Lukasek Citizen Monroe
George Brandt Co. Board Trempealeau
June Pellowski Citizen Trempealeau
Mary Henry Co. Board Vernon
Peggy Pasker Citizen Vernon