Zoom Reservation Calendars


Look through the two calendars to find available dates and timeslots for reserving.

To make a reservation, fill out the corresponding form under the specific Zoom Account calendar. Be sure to include your library name, email address, date(s) of reservation and the timeslots you would like to reserve. Once the reservation has been approved, you will be sent a confirmation email with the login credentials and calendar invitation.

*To prevent the overlapping of account usage, please schedule an extra hour after your event.

**If this is your first time using Zoom and would like to try it out, please reserve a separate practice date or reserve an hour before the event.

Zoom Account #1

*This account allows up to 100 participants. (For larger events, or if this calendar is booked during your event time, scroll to the calendar below.)

Reservation Form

Reservation Hours

12 + 14 =

Zoom Account #2

*This account allows up to 500 participants.

Reservation Form

Reservation Hours

8 + 14 =

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